Monday, October 5, 2009


I. Love. Muffins. I could eat half a dozen muffins in a day and still want to eat more. (Okay, I may have done it in the past). They are ridiculously easy to make, and there are so many varieties to choose from. I always have all the ingredients on hand to make at least one kind of them.

The other day I decided that I REALLY wanted pumpkin muffins. The ones from Vegan with a Vengeance are really the best pumpkin muffins, hence their name. I grabbed the huge can of pumpkin I had on the top shelf of my cabinet only to discover that I had expired early last year. I didn’t even realize it had been there that long. If it had expired early this year I probably would have used it still, but it was just there for too long.

Despite not having any pumpkin in the house or the will to go to the store to get more (and I only live about 2 minutes – walking – away from a grocery store), I still wanted muffins. I was flipping through the muffin section to figure out what kind I could make with the ingredients I had. I realized I had frozen cherries from Trader Joe’s that I’ve been meaning to use. I also remembered I had some slivered almonds that I had bought for VCon Caesar dressing. So, I ended up making the Cherry Almond muffins. I’ve never made this recipe before, and I’m not sure if I will again. It’s not bad or anything! I’m just not a big fan of nuts in my muffins. I hate banana nut muffins because of the walnuts in them. I thought I had used a lot of cherries for these, but after eating a few of the muffins I noticed that some bites were super cherry-y, while others were all muffin/nut and no cherry. I also didn’t have any of the soy yogurt that it calls for, so I added extra soy milk. I think the yogurt would have helped it to be a lot moister in the end.

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