Friday, January 23, 2009


Does anyone else eat a ridiculous amount of condiments? I sure do. I have ever since I was little and my dad even made up a song for me called "Condiment Girl".

I don't have too much time to write at the moment, but here are some of the combinations I enjoy. Please note that I don't ALWAYS use these, but I do pretty often.

French fries - french dressing or bbq sauce; ketchup as a last resort

Broccoli - ketchup or mustard

Kale - tahini sauce(from VwaV)

Brussels Sprouts - mustard

Mashed potatoes - gravy or vegenaise/tofu sour cream/vegan ranch

Cauliflower - mustard

Pirogies - bbq sauce

Pizza - balsamic vinaigrette

That's just a short list, but I can't think of what else I eat at the moment!


TeddyBearGuts said...

i eat french fries with bbq sauce too :]

it scares all my friends

Jen aka Jewbacca said...

you are not alone BAV. i am a total condiment whore, and i refuse to apologize for it. back in the early 80's there used to be an abc saturday morning cartoon rocks thing about "don't drown your food" that must have been specifically written for me. i might put less condiments on my food, but i'll never stop completely.

saveyrgeneration said...

one of my dearest omni friends eats her french fries with mayo. it's pretty disgusting.

Dave said...

Since you are in Worc, swing out to Westboro & the Ocean State Job Lot - they have insanely good deals on really good food items. I know, it seems like a junk store & all, but the food section is good! I've gotten lots of condiments for my own fetish as well...

allicia said...

I LOVE Ocean State Job Lot. I always find really cheap wheat gluten and lots of other awesome stuff.