Friday, October 2, 2009


I love Halloween. It's just such a fun holiday where you don't have to worry about sending cards or making phone calls to distant relatives to keep on their good side. You can dress up as absolutely anything you want to, no matter how ridiculous or offensive. You can have a themed party! One of the main things I want to do when I move out of my parents house is have theme parties.

Jess Sconed is always doing cool theme-y things, and it makes me totally jealous. This weekend is Fakin' Fest, which is a "celebration of vegan bacon and bacon-flavored things." How about Vegan Prom? And a LOST season premiere?

Anyway, enough about Jess, EVEN THOUGH SHE IS THE COOLEST EVER.

If I could throw a Halloween party right now, I would. I can't, however, since I live in a trailer with my parents that can only fit a few people at a time (comfortably) and I have old neighbors and not much extra parking and it's a month from Halloween anyway and no one is even ready for it to be Fall nevermind Halloween which is only one day away from November which means it's going to start snowing pretty soon and we'll get heavy snow at 2 in the afternoon and everyone will leave work early which will cause major traffic jams in the city which means you're not getting home until 5 or 6 anyway so you should have just stayed at work, assholes.

These are just some cool ideas I've come across for parties that I would be into. I would call everything "spooky" whatevers, like Spooky Spice Cake. But I wouldn't tell my boyfriend they were called that because apparently he hates the word spooky! I had no idea until a few days ago, but I will respect his wishes because he respects my wish to never utter the word "panties" in my presence.

Frozen Ice Hands
  • Using clean, non-powdered and non-latex gloves, fill them with water or the punch you will be serving (can also use a complimentary juice, don’t use an alcoholic mix since it may not freeze properly). Tie them off tightly with an elastic band so no water will leak out.
  • Lay the gloves on a cookie sheet and freeze. Do this the night before the party. Once frozen solid, cut the glove off and place in the punch bowl.
  • Make at least two so you have a fresh one to add as the first one melts.

Puke Pumpkins

No matter how many of these I see, I always love them!

Vampire Fangs in Blood

Just don't use Red Delicious apples, because they are the worse apple ever.

All kinds of fancy drinks

Not too many, though!

Vegan caramel apples

That recipe looks awesome

Plus a million other things that I'm too tired to look for right now.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Great ideas - I love the ice hands. See if your bf likes the word spookay. I always say that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allicia -

I love that frozen hand idea...perfect to dress up some punch. I'm glad you liked the drink recipes you found at Celebrations. I know you have quite a few reasons not to host a Halloween party, but if circumstances work out check out some of our ideas.

We have tips for a Chic & Cheap party ( or a Haunted House theme ( that won't break your budget.

Always feel free to contribute some ideas of your own! We're always on the lookout for creative ideas.

Happy Halloween =)

karmalily said...

I love your idea for the frozen ice hands. And I agree with you 100% that Red Delicious apples are terrible.

Jen said...

good to see you back for mofo! and yes--your apple theory is dead on. i like the frozen hand idear. pics?

Bex said...

you had me at puke pumpkins and you're right. Red Delicious apples are named that so people keep getting fooled into buying them.

allicia said...

I found two other ice hand directions that have pictures with them:

Susan said...

We don't really do halloween over here. But two of my friends always throw a halloween party (any excuse... hee) and as I am now living in the same state as them I will finally be attending! I am providing the food, so perhaps I can sneek in some of these.... mwahahaha!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I want to come your halloween party!!