Monday, October 27, 2008

I started typing up a big entry about how heavy I am, and how I shouldn't be because I'm a nutrition major, and that it's hard for me to motivate myself, and blah blah blah.

Instead of that, I'm just going to have to deal with it and start eating healthier. I plan to wake up a few minutes early so I can make a milkshake out of some 8th Continent Light Chocolate Soymilk and frozen bananas and maybe a little peanut butter. I'm going to cut up my Honeycrisp apple so I can munch on it during class instead of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos from the vending machine EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE DELICIOUS AND VEGAN. I will stop at the grocery store on the way home from school and get salad to eat before work that I will top with beans and reduced calorie dressing. I will probably stop at the store again on the way back from work to pick up something else delicious and healthy.

What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?


Jeni Treehugger said...

I'd skip the PB from that smoothie - it'll still be delicious and nutritious!
Oh god - I don't really need to tell you that do I!

jelymo said...

i don't diet. i don't believe in them. i am an advocate of healthy eating, and i now weigh about 25 lbs. lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. i'm not sure how i did it because i eat all the time. breast feeding? who the hell knows. my other friend breast fed exclusively and really struggled to lose weight.

anyWEIGH-(get it?) don't be so hard on yourself. weight isn't the halmark of good health. have you ever read FAT?SO! by marilyn wann? i think that might offer you a new perspective on how you view weight. being heavy isn't a death sentence, and being thin doesn't guarantee you a clean bill of health.

i'm sending you some good body image juju...

allicia said...

I only put a littttle bit of peanut better in it. Since I wasn't having anything else for breakfast besides the shake, I figured a little protein would help keep me fuller longer.

I'm not dieting, but I really do need to eat healthier. Sometimes my breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day will consist mostly of Tofutti Cuties.

Lillet Langtry said...

There's a vegan Dorito? What have you done to me!!!! :-)

You know, I find that the easiest way to eat healthy is to eat as many unprocessed foods as possible. Don't "diet" or count calories or anything like that: just make sure what you eat is mostly unprocessed grains, beans, fruits, and veggies. So if you have a burrito with brown rice and beans and avocado and spinach, say, you're getting a delicious, filling meal that has a ton of fiber and nutrients in it. Then have a Tofutti cutie for dessert. Oh -- and if you drink soda, stop. A great book that changed my life is "Eat To Live" and that's basically what it says. Eat all you want of a whole-food plant based diet.

oh and SOUP is your friend. You can fill it with delicious beans and veggies and tons of fiber and it lasts for days and you can eat all you want of it. The Lentil Soup from VCon is a perfect example!!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I try to block out the idea of vegan junk food existing and stop going to places with french fries. It helps, though I don't always keep up with it as long as I should. Make a healthy soup and eat it for days!

I think you're lovely!

Kelly said...

I love bringing some unshelled edamame as a snack to work. It's fun to munch on them one by one and they are tasty and filling.