Thursday, October 9, 2008

Well, today I got 3 wisdom teeth taken out. It was such a weird thing. I got there, sat in the chair, and got strapped to all sorts of things. The oral surgeon was impressed that I didn't even flinch when they put the needle in my arm. She said that so many people come in who have tattoos and then get freaked out by the needles. True, they are different types of needles, but I have never had a problem with getting blood taken or any of that stuff. So after a few minutes, I guess I passed out. They didn't have me count down which seems to be a common thing people do (at least on television). I just remember waking up and getting in a wheelchair and being brought to a little bed to lay down in for awhile.

So, as you can imagine, it's relatively hard to eat. I prepared myself yesterday by buying the new Kozy Shack Soy Pudding. I got it in chocolate, but they also have vanilla. I've heard of it around the internet, but I finally found some at Shaws. I tried it on Wednesday night, and I thought it tasted a little weird. Kind of a chalky taste. BUT today I ate the other 3 that were in the package and I really liked them. I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that I just sort of sucked it down because that was the easiest thing to do. Since I got a coupon for this pudding after I checked out last night, I'm gonna buy some more. Needless to say, I am super grateful that I found a relatively popular brand of pre-made soy pudding. Sure, there is ZenSoy pudding, but I can only get that at Whole Foods, which is 45 minutes away, or at Living Earth, which is currently going through tons of renovations. I also definitely wasn't in the mood to make my own from scratch.

I also made pancakes today for dinner. I was able to eat 3 or 4 small ones, and I have a few left over for breakfast tomorrow. I also had a can of Progresso soup that was delicious!

I'm on some pretty powerful painkillers right now, so I think I'll end this now before I start babbling too much.


Bethany said...

I had no idea kozy shack made vegan pudding. very interesting.

jelymo said...

oy, i hope you recoop soon. i remember getting my wisdom teeth removed...i didn't have insurance at the time so had them taken out one at a time. kzoo had a ghetto dentist that would remove a tooth for $30--that would get you one local and a yank. i wasn't vegan then, but i sustained myself on mashed potatoes with some salsa & sour cream mixed in.

Lily Girl said...

Ugg, getting wisdom teeth pulled bites. I didn't want to eat for several days and the painkillers they gave me were *not* powerful enough! Hope you feel better soon.

Kristen said...

I remember eating mushed tofu while I was recovering from the aftermath of my impacted tooth being extracted by the dentist (Charlotte-located clinic where I was staying that time).

Within that week of eating tofu and nothing but tofu, I lost around 20lbs, which is really a good thing instead of getting bloated up. A few days later, I was informed that my wounds were healed, being told by my dentist. Rock Hill, where I currently live, is a relaxing place. And, I still eat tofu and soy-based products to keep my health in check.