Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Misfits Cake

A few weeks ago my boyfriend turned 21. For this special occasion, I decided to make him a cake that he would really like. Apparently he's not much of a cake person, but that wasn't about to stop me from making one. He loves the misfits, so I thought it would be fitting to incorporate that somehow. I'll be honest: I totally copied this idea from someone else. I can't remember who it was, otherwise I would give them credit.

I made the yellow cake from VCTOW. I found that one recipe of cupcakes = one cake pan. So I doubled the recipe so it would be a double layer cake. I added WAY too much turmeric though, and while it was cooking it looked red, and when it came out of the oven it was brownish. Then I covered it with chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache. The white was leftover frosting from my moms birthday. It was just store bought canned frosting that happened to be vegan. I printed out a picture of the skull and just freehanded the design. It was pretty easy since the design doesn't have crisp lines or anything.

Also, I baked this for as long as it said to bake the cupcakes and it came out perfect. You might find that you need to cook longer.


evestirs said...


jelymo said...

that's a great cake.

Bethany said...

that's a fun cake. I will be making a bday cake this month. and some surprise bday cupcakes as well. so I will be forced to be creative instead of lazy like normal.

Kelly said...

Awesome cake!